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Shivani Mukesh Kothari enjoys challenge of playing three different personalities

Actress Shivani Mukesh Kothari is presently seen in three popular television shows-‘ Kaamnaa’,’ Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, and’ Maddam Sir’ and she enjoys grueling herself while seeking three different personalities.

She says” Being part of three different shows altogether and seeking each different personalities is grueling but I enjoy similar challenges. My all the three characters are fully veritably different from each other. Say in Kaamna I essay Maya who’s confident, independent and fascinating.”
” On the other hand my part as Kavita in’ Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, she’s a nanny who’s Machiavellian and rude. It’s fully a negativerole.However, she’s simple, funny, If I talk about my third part of suman in’ Maddam Sir’. She’s a loving woman
and partner. So an an actor I need to stay set to essay them all impeccably which is a huge challenge.”

Shivani continues and reveals she enjoys system- amusement. And it has helped her to overcome the fear of seeking three different part at the same time.
She adds” As an actor I tête-à-tête feel that a little bit of challenge will not do any detriment. Though it’s the morning of my amusement career and if I fail to impress my followership and makers I may face loss of work in future. Still I continue to take them all at the same time as I love challenges. But having said that I also feel that nothing is going as delicate as they feel if you’re confident and trust yourself.”

” It wasn’t at each delicate for me to essay three different personalities at same time. Because one really needs to understand the character, its feelings and also act consequently, system amusement is what we call it. And I enjoy system amusement.”
Shivani made her amusement debut with the show’ Carry On Alia’.

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