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Nothing CEO Asks Elon Musk To Change Name To ‘Elon Bhai’. Here’s Why

The CEO of Nothing, Carl Pei, has altered his social media handle on platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to ‘Carl Bhai’ following a humorous interaction with an Indian individual.

Raman, a user on X, commented on Nothing India’s social media page regarding the hiring of Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador for their campaign, questioning the necessity of such a role. Pei, seizing upon the opportunity, responded by stating, “We want to sell more phones bhai,” sparking amusement.

In a jesting tone, Carl Pei later suggested that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, could also adopt the moniker ‘Elon Bhai,’ in light of reports about a Tesla factory establishment in India.

Hours after the username change, Pei humorously tweeted, “@elonmusk did you really think you could build a Tesla factory in India without changing your username to Elon Bhai?”

Nothing Phone (2a) is slated to launch in India and other international markets on March 5. It’s been reported that the company has enlisted actor Ranveer Singh for their advertising campaign.

Furthermore, the company has incorporated ‘Bhai’ into their other X accounts, rebranding Nothing India as ‘Nothing India Bhai’ and CMF by Nothing as ‘CMF Bhai Nothing’.

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