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Indian students scammed as 3 Canadian colleges shut after bankruptcy

There 3 Montreal Colleges closed last month leaving uncertainty of 2000 and more Indian Students future. The closed declaring bankruptcy, have asked for Canadian Government intervention to give them justice.

The colleges have taken millions of dollars in tuition fees from these students before closing.

The CCSQ College, M. College, and CDE College had really blow  a black storm by declaring their closing.

These  students life are all in stake they have moved from to different cities to stay with their friends and relatives.

They are scammed. The Students are staging rallies to highlight their unfortunate situation.

As some of the impacted students and their supporters raised slogans for justice at a rally in the Toronto suburb of Brampton on Wednesday, anxiety was writ large on their faces.

The Students are seeking help from the Canadian Governments help in this disaster .They are seeking for the Cnandian Government intervention to solve this issue as it involve the future of thousands. Their supporters raised slogans for justice at a rally in the Toronto suburb of Brampton on Wednesday; anxiety was writ large on their faces.

They shouted help in completion of their course as they have already paid their tution fees.

Many said they are running out of money as they cannot legally work for 20 hours a week – as allowed to international students.

Manpreet Kaur, a student from Longowal in Punjab, said she had deposited over $14,000 annual fee at M. College and was waiting to start her classes in early childhood education in January when the college declared bankruptcy.

“When I landed in Canada on October 9, I was told that since the college couldn’t find enough students the classes would start in January. But on January 6, students got an email about the college going bankrupt. It smacks of a scam,” said Manpreet who finished her masters in computers in India before coming to Canada.

Vishal Rana, a student from Karnal who was studying at CCSQ college to become medical office specialist, said, “I had just four months left of my 16-month course when the college suspended studies. I don’t know where to go.”

Rana had paid $24,000 in fees.

Harwinder Singh, who came from Pehwa in Haryana to study a two-year business working. I don’t know what will happen.”
Gurkamaldeep said the students should be allowed to complete the remaining part of their courses at other institutions.

“We should give us course completion letters so that we can join other colleges and also apply for work permits in order to survive,” he said.

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