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IIT-Guwahati develops tech to generate green energy by treating wastewater

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati( IIT- G) has developed an abio-electrochemical device, Microbial Fuel Cell( MFC) that can induce green energy by treating wastewater.

The IIT- G sources on Wednesday said that the use of organic material similar as wastewater in MFC makes it an eco-friendly device that offers a binary benefit of bioelectricity generation and waste operation.
The exploration, supported by an entitlement from the Department of Science and Technology( DST) of the Central government, was
led by prof. Mihir Kumar Purkait, along with his Ph.D. pupil Mukesh Sharma of the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The bio-electrochemical device converts chemical energy contained in organic substrates into electrical energy through microbes, a statement of the institute said.

The conducted study reveals that the set CEMs are cheaper and perform better as compared to the several reported membranes, aiding in the separation of charges and implicit development, Purkait said.

Rapid population growth has led to rising energy demands and environmental enterprises, challenging the development of renewable and sustainable energy products ways.

The statement said that along with several renewable energy sources( solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, and geothermal energy, among others), the sustainable energy sources also include the’ Blue Energy’ sources of energy harvesting and these sources of energy have no negative impact on the terrain.

delivering the work of the exploration platoon, ProfT.G. Sitharam, Director IIT- G said that this development has handed an excellent sustainable energy source along with treating several wastewaters.

” After spanning the process, it can be used as a source of clean energy using external wastewater and other similar areas economically,” he said.

The waste sugarcane bagasse has also been used in the study to ameliorate the membrane performance, thereby preparing a precious product from the agrarian waste.

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