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Ayesha Aziz from Kashmir is India’s youngest female pilot

A 25 year old woman from Kashmir named Ayesha Aziz is a great inspiration for not only Kashmiris but every women who have a feeling that woman’s don’t have enough resources to fulfill their dreams.

Ayesha is the youngest student pilot in India who got the license at the age of 15 in 2011 in the following year she took training to fly a MIG-29 at Russia’s Sokol airbase.

She graduated in aviation from Bombay Flying Club (BFC) and was able to obtain a flying commercial license in 2017.

According to Ayesha Kashmiri women are doing very well as far as the education is concern as most of the women from Kashmir are doing Masters or doctorate and people from Kashmir are doing well.

She also said she is ok with the odd timings required by her job as well she is happy to take up challenges.

She said he has to be professional and her mental health has to be strong as she will be carrying 200 passengers with great responsibility.


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