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Ukraine repels assaults in east as Russia presses to control Mariupol

Ukrainian colors have repulsed several Russian assaults in the country’s east, British intelligence said on Monday, while President Volodymyr Zelensky said thousands of Russian dogfaces were gathering for a new descent.

Russian forces were also pushing to establish control over the southern harborage megacity of Mariupol, the lynchpin between Russian- held areas to the west and east.
“ There are knockouts of thousands of dead, but indeed despite this, the Russians aren’t stopping their descent,” Zelensky told South Korea’s congress by videolink.

Reuters couldn’t corroborate the delicacy of his estimate.
The Russian irruption – the most serious conflict in Europe since the Balkans wars of the 1990s – has left a trail of death of destruction that has drawn commination from Western countries and started concern about Putin’s broader intentions.

About a quarter of Ukraine’s 44 million population have been forced from their homes, metropolises turned into debris, and thousands of people have been killed or injured – numerous of them civilians.
Austrian leader Karl Nehammer planned to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Monday and will call for an end to the conflict. It would be Putin’s first face-to- face meeting with a European Union leader since Russia’s irruption started onFeb. 24.

Russian forces have abandoned their attempt to capture the capital Kyiv, for now at least, but are redoubling their sweats in Ukraine’s east. Britain’s defence ministry said Russian shelling continued in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
But Ukrainian forces had beaten back several assaults and destroyed Russian tanks, vehicles and ordnance outfit, it said in its regular intelligence bulletin.

Important explosions rocked metropolises in the south and east and air raid enchantresses blazoned out across Ukraine beforehand on Monday.
Zelensky kept up his crusade to induce transnational support and rally his countrymen, advising the coming week would be important.

“ Russian colors will move to indeed larger operations in the east of our state. They may use indeed more dumdums against us, indeed more air losers. But we’re preparing for their conduct. We’ll answer,” he said in a late night videotape address.
Addressing South Korea’s congress, he said Russia was concentrating knockouts of thousands of dogfaces for the coming descent. He asked Seoul for any military aid it could give.

Since Russia raided, Zelensky has appealed to Western powers to give further defence help, and to discipline Moscow with tougher warrants including vetoes on its energy exports.
Zelensky also said Mariupol has been destroyed. Reuters intelligencers on Sunday saw several Russian tanks heading down a trace in the direction of the megacity.

The general staff of Ukraine’s fortified forces said it was likely the Russians would try to disrupt force lines and strike at transport structure.
Russia’s defence ministry said high- perfection dumdums had destroyed the headquarters of Ukraine’s Dnipro legion in the city of Zvonetsky.

In a after statement, the ministry said Russian ocean- launched dumdums had on Sunday destroyed S-300anti-aircraft bullet systems which had been supplied to Ukraine by a European country. They systems were concealed in a hangar on the outskirts of Dnipro in central Ukraine, it said.
Reuters couldn’t confirm the reports.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he’d meet Putin on Monday in Moscow.
“ We’re militarily neutral, but ( have) a clear position on the Russian war of aggression against#Ukraine,” Nehammer wrote on Twitter. “ It must stop! It needs philanthropic corridors, ceasefire & full disquisition of war crimes.”

Mounting mercenary casualties have started wide transnational commination and new warrants.
Ludmila Zabaluk, head of the Dmytriv Village Department, north of Kyiv, said dozens of mercenary bodies were plant in the area.

“ There were further than 50 dead people. They shot them from close distance. There’s a auto where a 17- time-old child was burned, only bones left. A woman had half her head blown off. A bit further, a man lying near his auto was burned alive,” she said.
Reuters couldn’t confirm the reports.

Moscow has rejected allegations of war crimes by Ukraine and Western countries. It has constantly denied targeting civilians in what it calls a “ special operation” to disarm and “ denazify” its southern neighbour. Ukraine and Western nations have dismissed this as a unwarranted rationale for war. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, speaking before a meeting of European ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, said Berlin saw “ massive suggestions” of war crimes in Ukraine.
French bank Societe Generale came the rearmost company to retreat from Russia, agreeing to vend its stake in Rosbank and the Russian lender’s insurance accessories to Interros Capital, a establishment linked to billionaire Vladimir Potanin.

The Russian irruption has started a shower of fiscal warrants from the United States, Europe and Britain, egging Western companies to vend their Russian means.
SocGen had faced mounting pressure to cut ties with Russia and end its further than 15- time investment in Rosbank.

Several EU ministers said on Monday the bloc’s superintendent was drafting proffers for an canvas proscription on Russia, although there was still no agreement to ban Russian crude.
The World Bank on Sunday read the war would beget Ukraine’s profitable affair to collapse by 45 per cent this time, with half of its businesses shuttered, grain exports substantially cut off by Russia’s nonmilitary leaguer and destruction rendering profitable exertion insolvable in numerous areas.

The bank read Russia’s GDP would contract by11.2 per cent this time due to the Western warrants.

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