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Toyota finally introduces cars with Android Auto compatibility

Toyota announced on Thursday that its upcoming 2020 models of the 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra, and Sequoia will support Android Auto. The 2018 Aygo and the 2019 Yaris (in Europe) will also get Android Auto.

Toyota announced in January 2018 that CarPlay would come to the 2019 Avalon. After it spread to the company’s other sedans and small SUVs. On Thursday, Toyota announced that CarPlay will also come to the new models that are getting Android Auto.

According to the reports Toyota is allowing Android Auto in its cars which will start testing this fall. Toyota is developing its own infotainment system based on Automotive Grade Linux, which uses Ford’s SmartDeviceLink to allow some phone apps to be mirrored on a car’s screen, mimicking the main draw of CarPlay and Android Auto.

Now Google has also been working with a few automakers to launch its native version of Android Auto. Google Android powered infotainment system will debut this year on the Volvo’s upcoming electric car Polestar 2. It will also be later introduced in Volvo’s own models too.

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