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The Emergency – imposed by Indira Gandhi was a mistake: Rahul Gandhi

The Emergency – imposed by former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother) was a mistake according to Rahul Gandhi.

The former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi imposed ‘The Emergency’ for 21 months from 1975 – 1977. During the Emergency the constitutional rights and civil liberties were suspended, media was restricted and a number of opposition leaders were jailed.

Rahul Gandhi said that ‘The Emergency’ was a mistake in a conversation with renowned economist Professor Kaushik Basu.

The current ruling party in India BJP whose leaders were among those jailed during the Emergency always attack Rahul Gandhi’s Congress Party on the subject of ‘The Emergency’ imposed by Rahul’s grandmother and accuse the Congress party of curtailing freedom of speech and the right to dissent, and bullying the media into submission.

As per India’s home minister Amit Shah’s tweet: one family’s greed for power” turned the nation into a prison overnight.

However, according to Rahul Gandhi the major difference between what happened during the Emergency and what is happening now under BJP is the RSS is filling institutions with its people.

This means even if BJP is not in power nation will not going to get rid of its people in the institutional structure.

As per Mr Gandhi Modern democracies function because there is institutional balance and Institutions operate independently. However, according to him, the independence of Institutions is now being attacked by a big institution called RSS.


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