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Taliban face rising armed resistance from former govt forces

Coalitions of the fallen Afghan democracy are claiming attacks on the Taliban in numerous businesses in what seems to be an awkward spring descent, media reports said.

Those groups are tapping into vast reserves of implicit guerrilla fighters from among the hundreds of thousands of Western-trained security forces that served the former government but lost their jobs after the Taliban preemption of Afghanistan in August last time, RFE/ RL reported.
Former leaders of the West- backed democracy hope the rebellion will ultimately turn into a public insurrection against what they view as Taliban rule that has repressed women and alienated ethnical and religious nonages.

They’re also banking on attracting help from Afghanistan’s sick neighbours and global powers concerned by the return of terrorist groups to the country, which is formerly reeling from rising violence by the radical Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K).
The Taliban, still, consider the resistance small and insignificant.

“There’s nothing that has bettered since the Taliban seized power,” said a former functionary of the Afghan Foreign Ministry near to the arising resistance, requesting obscurity because of security fears.
“I’m sure we will see a much bigger insurrection against the Taliban,”he added, RFE/ RL reported.

One of the most visibleanti-Taliban groups is the National Resistance Front led by Ahmad Masud, son of Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Masud who successfully averted the Taliban from overrunning Afghanistan until he was killed by Al-Qaeda cutthroats two days before the September 11 terrorist attacks of 2001, the report said.
Former Vice President Amrullah Saleh, who like Masud hails from the northern fiefdom of Panjshir, is a close supporter. The two left Panjshir in September last time, just weeks after the Taliban preemption of Kabul the former month. But their sympathizers are still launching sporadic attacks against the Taliban in remote Panjshir denes.

Sympathizers of former Interior Minister Masud Andrai have offered the most redoubtable resistance with kindly regular attacks on the Taliban in Andrab, a high- altitude vale in the northern fiefdom of Baghlan.
One of the most significant attacks was in the northern megacity of Mazar-e-Sharif last week when sympathizers of former warlord Atta Mohammad Noor disaccorded with the Taliban.

His whoreson, Sohail Zmarai, was reportedly killed in an violent attack that was conceded by the Taliban, RFE/ RL reported.

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