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Shahid Afridi’s daughter Aqsa getting engaged to Shaheen Afridi

Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is likely to get engaged to former Pakistan Captain Shahid Afridi’s daughter.

However this is not being confirmed by any of cricketing family but many sources have confirmed that Shaheen and Shaheen Afridi’s eldest daughter Aqsa Afridi are all set to get engaged.

According to media reports in Pakistan, Ayaz Khan Shaheen Afridi’s father has confirmed that he had sent the proposal to Afridi’s family for his son and it has been accepted.

As per reports as Shaheen Afridi is playing cricket and Aqsa Afridi is still studying that’s the reason why the engagement has not yet been formally announced.

As per Shaheen’s father the wedding will take place after 2 years after Aqsa completes her educations and dates for the engagement will be announced soon.

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