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Shahid Afridi confuses everyone with his new age reveal

Shahid Afridi one of Pakistan’s most successful all-rounders celebrated his birthday on Monday.

Afridi made his debut for Pakistan in 1996 and there was always a mystery around his age since his debut.

Now Shahid Afridi tweeted on his birthday that he has turned 44 but according to his official declared age and several other website including Wikipedia Shahid was born in 1980 and he would turn 41 however as per his autobiography, he was born in 1975 so he would turn 46 this year.

The former Pakistan Captain revealed in 2019 that he was born in 1975 and not 1980 as the official records state. This means he was not 16 when he smashed a record-breaking 37-ball hundred against Sri Lanka in Nairobi in 1996. This was written in Afridi’s book titled ‘Game Changer’.


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