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Russia warns of nuclear buildup if Finland, Sweden join NATO

Russia’s border with Finland runs for over kilometers (800 country miles), which further than the total length of its frontier with current NATO members.

Russia hovered to emplace nuclear munitions in and around the Baltic Sea region if Finland and Sweden join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as pressures fueled by President Vladimir Putin’s irruption of Ukraine spread.
“ In this case, there can be no talk ofnon-nuclear status for the Baltic,” Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chief of Russia’s Security Council and former chairman, said in a Telegram post Thursday, suggesting Russia may emplace Iskander dumdums, hypersonic munitions and nuclear-fortified vessels in the region.

Medvedev’s commentary are among the most detailed pitfalls Russia has issued over the prospect that its northwestern neighbors might join the alliance after decades of staying out. But both Finland and Sweden this week said they ’re stepping up consideration of the issue in the wake of Russia’s irruption of Ukraine.
The pitfalls were empty because Russia formerly keeps nuclear munitions in its protectorate of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea, Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas told the BNS news service Thursday.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declined to note on the possibility nuclear munitions might be stationed in the Baltic region but said that Putin has formerly ordered the service to prepare plans for boosting defenses along Russia’s western borders.
Medvedev said he hoped that “ reason” would prevail and the countries would decide not to join the alliance.

Russia’s border with Finland runs for over kilometers (800 country miles), which further than the total length of its frontier with current NATOmembers.However, “ we will need to seriously strengthen our land forces andanti-aircraft and emplace substantial nonmilitary forces in the Gulf of Finland receptacle,” Medvedev said, If the countries join the alliance.
Though the enterprise to consider NATO class picked up in both countries only after the irruption, Medvedev said Russia’s move was n’t to condemn. At the same time, he suggested that while keeping Ukraine out of the western alliance was a crucial thing of Russia’s operation there, the Kremlin sees the situation with Finland and Sweden region else.

“ We don’t have territorial controversies with those countries like we do with Ukraine,” he said. “ For that reason, the price of their class for us is different.”

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