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PM’s Retort To Sam Pitroda’s Racist Flub, BJP Leaders’ ‘Look Indian’ Posts

In Warangal, Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress following a fresh gaffe by its veteran leader, Sam Pitroda. Modi demanded a response from Rahul Gandhi, asserting that the nation wouldn’t tolerate disrespect based on skin color.

Pitroda, who previously stumbled with remarks on inheritance tax in the US, made another blunder while emphasizing national unity amidst India’s diversity. In an exclusive interview, he described India as a diverse nation where people from different regions resemble individuals of various ethnicities.

The Congress swiftly distanced itself from Pitroda’s comments, terming them unfortunate and unacceptable. Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh emphasized the party’s dissociation from Pitroda’s analogies.

As videos of Pitroda’s remarks circulated on social media, Modi intensified his criticism at a rally in Warangal, referring to Rahul Gandhi as “shehzade” and demanding accountability. He also linked Pitroda’s comments to the Congress’s opposition to Droupadi Murmu’s presidential candidacy, alleging racism within the party.

Modi took to social media to express his disgust, labeling Pitroda’s remarks as racist and in poor taste. The BJP echoed Modi’s sentiments, condemning Pitroda’s statements as ignorant and disrespectful to India’s identity.

Pitroda’s comments came amid a discussion on India’s diversity, where he highlighted contrasting views on the nation’s founding principles. He emphasized the importance of unity amidst diversity, contrasting it with the BJP’s narrative centered on religion.

Several BJP leaders, including Chief Ministers from the Northeast, criticized Pitroda’s remarks, reaffirming India’s unity in diversity. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also condemned Pitroda’s comments, emphasizing her Indian identity and denouncing his racial stereotyping.

The incident sparked widespread backlash, highlighting the sensitivity of issues related to identity and diversity in India.


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