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Imran Khan denies any deal, says the march was ended to avoid bloodshed

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf( PTI) Chairman and former Pak high minister Imran Khan on Friday disbanded reports that he’d struck a deal in exchange for ending the party’s Azadi March to Islamabad, saying that he did so in order to avoid bloodshed, Dawn reported.

He expressed the views while addressing a press conference in Peshawar, adding that he’d take to the thoroughfares again if early choices weren’t blazoned. He rued how police officers attacked the actors of the march, condemning the government for hand- picking officers to target the PTI.
” Our workers asked why we didn’t carry a sit- heft. I’m the man who offered a sit- heft for 126 days. It wasn’t delicate for me, but by the time I reached I came apprehensive of the extent of the situation. I knew that day that there would be bloodshed.”

Imran said the people were” ready” after seeing the” terrorism” carried out through the police.” Everyone was ready to fight, some of our people were so infuriated by what they saw,” he said, adding that officers were instructed to brutalise protesters, Dawn reported.
” The wrathfulness at the time, if I had offered a sit- in that day I can guarantee that there would have been bloodshed,” he said, adding that there was a prevailing sense of abomination against police officers.

” But the police is also ours, it isn’t their fault,” the PTI president said, condemning the government for issuing thedirectives.However, he said, If there was violence also it would only have caused chaos in the country.
” Don’t suppose it was our weakness and do not suppose that a deal was made. I’m hearing strange effects that a deal was made with the establishment. I didn’t make a deal with anyone,” he said, adding that the only motive behind his conduct was concern for the country, Dawn reported.

He also made it clear that the PTI would not negotiate with or accept the” imported government”.
” I suppose of this as a jihad. I’ll stand up against this as long as I’m alive,” he said, reiterating that he only watched about the future of the country.

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