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Ashraf Ghani pledges to return to Afghanistan

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who fled Afghanistan earlier this week following the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, has pledged to return to his country.
Former Afghan President made the statement on Wednesday night during a live Facebook broadcast from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“I am in the (United Arab) Emirates but I will soon return to my country,” he said, noting that he is “in consultations with others” before his return home.

Ashraf Ghani noted that he will continue working “to achieve justice for Afghans”.
“I was forced to leave Kabul, I did not want to be the reason for bloodshed in the capital,” he said.

He also issued a rebuttal against his critics who said he left Afghanistan hastily, saying that “those who think that I fled should not judge if they don’t know all the details”.

“They were going room-to-room to find me,” Ghani said.
“Their decision was this: Whatever happened 25 years ago was going to be repeated. The President of Afghanistan once again was going to be hanged in front of the people’s eyes, and such a shameful history would have been once again been repeated.”

Ghani was referring to former President Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai, who was killed by the Taliban in 1996.

Ahmadzai’s body was hanged from a traffic light pole outside the Presidential Palace.
The former President underlined that he does not believe himself to be a traitor.
“I did not betray the home country and ask everyone not to pay attention to rumors, we wanted peace for Kabul and did not want it to be destroyed. I hope that the war in Afghanistan will end,” he said.

“Our armed forces are not responsible for this failure, politicians are to blame.”
Ghani also stressed that he was engaged in talks with the Taliban to ensure the security of Kabul and a peaceful transfer of power.

On 15th August, Ghani flew out of Afghanistan several hours before the Taliban entered Kabul without a fight and established full control over the capital.
Vice President Amrullah Saleh declared himself the caretaker president according to the national constitution and in absence of the president, calling to put up armed resistance against the Taliban.

Western nations are evacuating their nationals and embassy staffers.


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