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Amid war in Ukraine, ways of ensuring food security discussed

Ministers and high- position representatives from across Europe and Central Asia met on Wednesday at the FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC33) to bandy not only the counteraccusations of the war in Ukraine on global agrifood systems and world food security, but also ways of accelerating sweats to transfigure agrifood systems to assure inclusive and terrain-friendly development and achieve better nutrition, both regionally and further.

“It’s a crucial moment to bandy applicable responses and to partake proven results to support policy-makers across the region to address these challenges,”FAO Director General Qu Dongyu said in his opening remarks at the 33rd session of the Regional Conference.
The Europe and Central Asia region includes 53 high-and middle- income countries that are home to further than 900 million people.

The Director General conceded that the region is in a” good position”as one of the world’s food baskets and a global leader in both the volume and quality of agrifood product, indeed as hunger situations are rising from fairly low situations in the region.
The region”plays a crucial part in worldwide food security”and is an important” source of new ideas and alleviation for the whole world,” said Henryk Kowalczyk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland in his opening reflections.

Actors tagged Zbigniew Rau, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, as Speaker of the Regional Conference.
The situation in Ukraine was a primary focus of FAO Members, with a session devoted to the impacts of the war on husbandry, including global food and fertiliser prices, arising from the hampered access to certain goods and inputs.

” Peace is abecedarian to guarding people from hunger,”Qu said, noting that FAO has been nearly covering the counteraccusations of the war and pledged to continue to develop immediate, medium and long- term analysis and policy recommendations to its members.
“Ukraine is obviously the most affected by the war due to mortal suffering and destroyed value and force chains, while others impacted include low- income food- importing countries dependent on the Russian Federation and Ukraine for food, feed, energy, and fertiliser inventories, as well as all consumers everyplace who are scuffling with food prices having reached record highs,”he added.

He prompted FAO Members to seize the Regional Conference as an occasion to bandy” implicit approaches to help an indeed lesser extremity in the future.”
FAO’s Ukraine platoon are on the ground with a rapid-fire response plan for Ukraine where one in five homes are estimated to lack the coffers to meet introductory food requirements, and to help small growers.

” Finances to support FAO’s$ 115 million plan to reach nearly one million individualities in the country haven’t yet been entered,”Qu said.
FAO Regional Conferences are held formerly every two times and serve as an occasion to debate challenges and promote indigenous consonance in pursuing members’ pretensions.

Further than 300 delegates were registered to share in this time’s session, representing nearly all countries of Europe and Central Asia, making it the most attended indigenous conference then.
Emphasising the significance of political commitment to action plans, FAO Director General asserted that the organisation is committed to support the crucial precedences set by members in the region empowering small holders, family granges and youth; transubstantiating agrifood systems; and managing natural coffers sustainably and conserving biodiversity, including the response to the war and the COVID-19 extremity.

Those pretensions are bedded in FAO’s Strategic Framework 2022-31 and articulated around the bourns of the Four Betters better product, better nutrition, a better terrain, and a better life for all leaving no bone before.
A crucial ideal is to move beyond a focus on food and product to an agri-food systems approach that encompasses nutrition, health, social and environmental values.

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