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A sand artist creates 108 colorful Shiva lingams in Pushkar, Rajasthan

This is the holy month of Shravan, a devotee of Lord Shiva (Hindu God) has expressed his devotion quite differently on the religious land of Pushkar in Rajasthan by making 108 colored Shiva lingams.
The devotee is well-known sand artist Ajay Rawat, who expressed his devotion to Lord Shiva and prayed for the well-being of the country (India) by creating 108 Shiva lingams in different colors.
Thousands of devotees are visiting these Shiva lingams to offer their prayers in the holy month of Shravan.
Rawat said, “This is a holy month, and lakhs of devotees are offering their prayers to Lord Shiva. Hence I thought of expressing my devotion differently and made these colorful Shiva lingams.”


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