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5 Reasons to “GO DIGITAL“ during COVID 19

Today the world is in a state of shock; COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across continents, dwarfed the arrogance of medical advancement, and intimidated mankind into locking themselves up within the confinement of their homes.  Mother Nature stamped her authority over the human race by reminding them that they are still mere mortals, as the pandemic claimed more than 400,000 lives in a span of 6 months. The dreaded virus showed no signs of slowing down and continued biting off larger chunks of the global population each day, world economy came to a grinding halt, as people alternated with the idea of either stepping out in search of livelihood or linger within the four walls hoping a cure of the disease would appear before the food stock was over.

While most businesses have gone digital there are still some who are yet to take the leap of faith. With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing becoming the order of the day; shifting to a digital platform is no more an option, it’s imperative. Although some of us are still skeptical about online business; and prefer the old school way of transacting deals, the advantages of going digital far outweigh the reasons to remain analogous.

The threat of the killer virus with no foreseeable cure, coupled with the rapid speed of its spread and the massive death toll it has taken on its way; has left humanity cowering in the safety of their homes and only venturing out unless it is absolutely necessary. This global lockdown had a paralyzing effect on businesses worldwide, bringing the global economy to a grinding halt.

From heads of states to the common man, everyone is at their wit’s end, on how to weather this crisis. While the commoners alternated with the idea of either stepping out in search of livelihood or linger within the four walls hoping a cure of the disease would be available before the food stock was over.

Heads of different states racked their brains, reviewing multiple reports with medical experts and economist’s every day, trying to analyze when it will be feasible to lift the lockdown. As a vaccine for the virus is still a far cry, with hunger posing a greater threat to lives than Corona virus, state administrations had no other alternative but to partially relax the lockdown in some places; as government aid was not sufficient to feed entire populations.

This relaxation of lockdown is by no means, business as usual; the pandemic has forcefully imposed some fundamental changes in human behavior, which especially discourages social gathering, directly affecting many businesses across the world. As a result, unemployment and poverty reached new heights, and in these dark hours of despair, switching to a digital platform is the only plausible hope for businesses, to reclaim some the ground lost, to the disease.

Going digital has its own advantages which have been magnified by the pandemic, let us discuss some of them.

  1. Digital Revolution

Technological progress is fueling a global shift, a shift from the real physical world to the illusionary virtual world. With the passage of time, the virtual world is getting the better of the physical world, and the massive surge in online traffic is confirmation, that the exception has now become the rule.

Today people are spending more than 9 hours on an average on their digital devices, be it for work, entertainment, socializing, or shopping. The present generation would rather admire a photo shopped, picture-perfect video of a sunset than to look out of their windows to watch the setting sun in its natural glory.

Therefore, shifting to a digital platform will ensure foreseeable sustainability for your business. On the backdrop of a global pandemic, with social distancing, and enhanced personal hygiene becoming the new trend, which limits our interaction with the outside world to a bare minimum, going digital is no more an option, it’s imperative.

2. Getting Digital Recognition

Your first step to the digital platform is having a website, which is your digital store; it showcases all your products and services along with the cost involved to procure them. Important information like open and close time of the store, and offers and discounts on selected products, or free home delivery options, on purchases over a certain sum of money; can be conveyed to prospective customers, through a website.

So, if customers are skeptical to come out of their home due to the pandemic, they can surely visit your website without any fear of contamination.

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