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What Kamala Harris Will Wear On Inauguration. Saree or Suit?

There is a hot debate on social media on what US Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will wear on Inauguration Day.

Some say she might were a saree (Indian Dress) to invoke her Indian heritage.

On Wednesday 20th January the Inauguration Day, the United States first Black and South Asian Vice President might wear a saree is a hot discussion on social media.

At an even hosted by Asian American group called One APIA Nevada a gust asked Kamala Harris will she were a traditional Indian dress if she gets elected as US Vice President.

Ms Harris answered that she wants to win first and her mother raised her with a very strong appreciation for Indian cultural background and pride.

Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala Harris’s mother was born in Chennai and immigrated to the United States and her father is from Jamaica.

Although what Ms Harris wear during Inauguration is not a very important matter but according to some if she wears a saree could give an important message that how Joe Biden’s administration intends to better represent minorities.

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