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Rishi Sunak Faces Pressure To Fire Minister Over Remarks On Palestine Rally

UK interior minister Suella Braverman’s job was hanging in the balance Thursday after she criticised policing of pro-Palestinian marches in commentary made without Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s blessing.

Sunak is facing mounting calls to sack Braverman after she suggested officers “play favourites” when policing demurrers and claimed they largely ignored “pro-Palestinian mobs” during recent demonstrations against the Israel- Hamas war.

The commentary, seen as red meat to the right sect of the governing Conservative party, come after she described the rallies calling for a ceasefire in Gaza as “hate marches”, days after claiming some people were homeless as a “life choice”.

Downing Street claimed it had full confidence in Braverman but said it was probing how her commentary in an opinion piece in The Times were published without its concurrence, as needed by the clerical law.

“The content wasn’t agreed with Number 10,” a spokesperson for Sunak told journalists, pertaining to the Prime Minister’s Downing Street office.

According to people familiar with the matter, the speech was transferred to Sunak’s office, which requested changes that weren’t made.

Braverman’s words have heightened enterprise she’s situating herself for a unborn Tory leadership contest or that they’re a deliberate ploy by Sunak’s party to appeal to right- wingers before the coming general election.

Sunak has described a planned pro-Palestinian march in London on Saturday– Armistice Day, when Britain honours its war dead– as “instigative and discourteous” and suggested London’s Metropolitan Police ban it.

Police have said the march doesn’t meet the legal threshold for requesting a government order to stop it.

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