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Nikki Haley Exits US Presidential Campaign, Has A Message For Trump

Washington: On Wednesday, Nikki Haley, a former Republican UN ambassador, announced suspending her campaign for the White House. While refraining from endorsing former President Donald Trump, she urged him to garner support from moderates and independents who had backed her during the primary.

Addressing from Charleston, South Carolina, Haley stated, “It is now up to Donald Trump to earn the votes of those in our party and beyond it who did not support him, and I hope he does that.”

Haley had been vying with Trump in a two-person contest for the opportunity to challenge President Joe Biden in the November election. Despite participating in “Super Tuesday,” she only managed to win one state and never truly impeded Trump’s path to the nomination.

Before her appointment as ambassador to the United Nations by Trump in 2017, the 52-year-old was relatively obscure outside her home state of South Carolina. Utilizing her prominent UN position, she crafted an image as a straightforward conservative.

Haley took pride in being the final challenger standing against the “chaos” of Trump, positioning herself for the 2024 Republican White House nomination.

“I am grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve received from all corners of our nation,” Haley expressed. “However, the time has come to suspend my campaign. I aimed to ensure that Americans’ voices were heard, and I have achieved that. I harbor no regrets.”

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