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Days After 157 Killed In Strong Earthquake, Another One Hits Nepal

Nepal was hit by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake moment, days after 157 people were killed and dozens injured when a strong earthquake struck the Himalayan country. The temblors were felt in neighbouring India.

The first earthquake this week passed on Friday with a magnitude 6.4, Nepal’s National Seismological Centre said. The German Research Centre for Geosciences measured the earthquake at 5.7, downgrading it from 6.2, while the US Geological Survey pegged it at 5.6.

The death count in Friday’s earthquake in Jajarkot could rise, officers stressed, as they hadn’t been suitable to establish contact in the hilly area near the epi centre, some 500 km (300 long hauls) west of the capital Kathmandu, where temblors were also felt. The quarter has a population of 190,000 with townlets scattered in remote hills.

The hunt and deliverance operation was also blocked by landslides, touched off by the earthquake, which hit the roads to reach the affected areas, Nepal police officer said.

Since the earthquake, thousands of structures in Jajarkot and neighbouring Rukum West quarter have collapsed or developed cracks making them uninhabitable.

Survivors said they heard the loud noises of collapsing structures soon after the earthquake struck.

Original media footage showed atrophied facades of multi-storied slipup houses, with large pieces of cabinetwork scattered. vids on X showed people running into the road as some structures were vacated.

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