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“All Men 16 And Above…”: Scenes From Gaza Hospital Raided By Israel

Dozens of Israeli forces, some wearing facemasks and firing ordnance into the air, early Wednesday raided part of Gaza’s biggest sanitarium, packed with cases and displaced people, in their battle against Hamas operatives.

“All men 16 times and over, raise your hands,” a dogface cried in Arabic through a loudspeaker, to those sheltering inside Al- Shifa sanitarium, which has come the centre of fierce civic combat for days.

“Exit the structure towards the yard and rendition,” the dogface ordered, according to a intelligencer who took retreat inside the embattled sanitarium several days agone
and who has been in contact with AFP.

The army labelled the raid a “precise and targeted” operation against Hamas, the Palestinian group that launched the October 7 attacks that started the Gaza war and which Israel claims is running a command centre beneath the clinic.

Israeli and Palestinian officers both reported the late service operations at Al- Shifa, the focal point of days of deadly fighting and near upstanding drumfires.

Substantiations have described conditions inside the sanitarium as terrible, with medical procedures performed without anaesthetic, families with spare food or water living in corridors, and the reek of putrefying corses filling the air.

As Israeli forces contended through the corridors, hundreds of youthful men surfaced from different wards, including the motherliness section, which was hit in a strike a many days agone, the intelligencer reported.

Soldiers were firing advising shots as they moved from room to room looking for Hamas, he said.

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