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Alberta is the 4th-happiest province in Canada

Alberta, renowned for its stunning landscapes and lively urban centers, has secured the fourth position in a ranking of the happiest provinces in Canada. Despite persistent challenges such as air quality and mental health issues, residents of Alberta continue to find reasons for optimism.

A recent study conducted by Lucky Days examined eight key quality-of-life indicators, rating them on a scale of 10. The analysis collected data from various sources, including the National Statistical Office, Statistics Canada, and the Government of Canada.

Alberta achieved an overall happiness score of 4.73, placing it among the top five provinces, albeit trailing behind Quebec, which clinched the top rank with a score of 8.63.

Despite economic hurdles like high inflation and a competitive housing market, a Quality of Life report from the Calgary Health Foundation revealed an uptick in happiness levels in Alberta’s largest city year over year. Nevertheless, concerns regarding the cost of living and financial stability persist, particularly as living expenses continue to escalate. “People value family, friends, and are increasingly concerned about financial matters as the cost of living rises in this city,” remarked Taylor Barrie, vice-president of communications for the Calgary Foundation. “Earning a decent income is more vital than ever, thus it’s a priority.”

While Alberta earned a perfect score of 10 for median annual family income, there are areas warranting improvement. Perceived mental health, for instance, received notably lower scores, indicating that many residents grapple with issues such as loneliness and overall well-being. Psychologist and Cognitive Corner director Simone Saunders observes this trend, underscoring that while income is crucial, social connection remains lacking. “Many individuals feel lonely and are struggling with their overall well-being,” Saunders noted.

One of the province’s significant challenges lies in air quality, where it scored zero. Residents of Alberta have been cautioned about an impending drought in the upcoming summer season, along with potential water restrictions in certain regions of the province.

The three provinces ranking ahead of Alberta in the Lucky Days study are Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario. Bringing up the rear with a score of 3.27 is Saskatchewan.

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