Facebook is reportedly testing dark mode for mobile


Facebook has recently confirmed that it is testing a dark mode for its mobile apps. As first noted by SocialMedia Today, Facebook has made the dark mode available to a very small percentage of people globally, a spokesperson said. The mobile version of the dark mode Facebook introduced last month for desktop is meant to cut down on glare, particularly in low-light environments, the spokesperson said. There’s no timeline yet for when the dark mode will be available to all mobile users, however.

Now Facebook took a lot of time to roll out a mobile dark mode as Instagram, and WhatsApp apps have dark mode already, as does Facebook Messenger.

Low-light and dark mode varieties allow users to change the background color of an app window to black are popular not only because they make apps easier to view for some users and are a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but because most dark mode versions can help preserve a device’s battery life as well.