Jon Jones Ready For A Blockbuster Fight With Francis Ngannou.


Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou have been teasing a fight for a few days now. It all began when the fighters engaged in back and forth after UFC 249. Now, Daniel Cormier spoke about the fight on ESPN’s ‘DC and Helwani.’ Jones retweeted the clip and reiterated his stance of the fight being subject to the right amount of money being placed on the table. The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion wrote, “Some of you have been waiting to see me lose for over a decade, now finally you stick me in there with a giant with your mouthwatering. Maybe you’ll see what you’ve been waiting for years, maybe you won’t. The question is, how much are you willing to pay to see it?”

His comments were in response to ‘DC’ rubbishing rumors that ‘Bones’ fears Ngannou. In the video, ‘DC’ praised his former rival for being a true fighter.

“Credit, where credit is due. You know I truly believe this Francis Ngannou thing is one of the most gangster things in the word. Like why would you be afraid of anyone? Especially if you are a guy, that has the accomplishments of Jon Jones. Why? That’s the thing I don’t get. Why do people say that me or Jon Jones, that we’re afraid of somebody? It’s the most asinine thing in the world. Like we’re not afraid of anyone and I think this Jones thing is cool. He’s like okay you wanna fight let’s do it and that’s what any person in the world. A true fighter would do and I think that… hats off to Jones.

‘The Predator’ is getting frustrated at the pedestrian pace of the Heavyweight division. He indicated that he is open to the fight for the right price. Dana White didn’t dismiss the fight either, and said, “anything’s possible.”

Fight against ‘Bones’ will certainly keep him sharp, and help him prepare for someone, who may not go down with one shot. Based on fans’ keen interest in their social media activity, the clash will certainly be a big draw.

Will the fight happen? Or will it remain a pipeline dream? That only future can tell.