India’s To Surpass China’s Corona Virus Count By Friday.


The number of reported corona virus cases in India rose nearly 10 percent over the past two days to 78,003, data from the morning update of the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW) showed. This is lower than the rate of increase in the previous 48 hours, when the reported case count rose 12 percent to 70,756. So far this week, the number of cases has gone up by 16 percent (between Monday morning and Thursday morning). This is a slower rate of increase compared to the previous three days, when confirmed cases had risen by 19 percent.

After tapering last month, India’s corona virus trajectory has picked up this month, with new infections rising faster than several Asian peers and deaths rising faster than in most other badly-hit countries.

India’s case count has now roughly doubled in the last eleven days. This is a much slower rate compared to early-April, when cases were doubling every four days. Deaths have also seen slower rise compared to the trend in early-April but have picked up pace over the past couple of weeks. India’s death toll from covid-19 as of Thursday morning was 2,549, roughly double what it was eleven days ago.

At the rate of compounded daily growth in this eleven-day period, the number of cases could raise to 100,000 by next Tuesday, two days after the current phase of the lockdown ends. The continuing rise in cases poses a severe challenge for India’s strained medical capacity and overburdened health system.

At 19,400, Maharashtra leads in terms of the number of active cases; next on the list is Tamil Nadu with 6,987 active cases, followed by Gujarat, with 5,139 patients still under treatment. Delhi is fourth on the list with 5,034 active cases and Madhya Pradesh with 1,937. The top five states together account for 78 percent of the active cases nationally, and the top ten states account for 93 percent of all cases.

Most of India’s hotspots so far have been urban affluent districts, with richer states hit harder than the rest. Meanwhile, the global corona virus case count has crossed 4.3 million even as some badly hit countries begin to relax lockdown measures after over a month.