Salman Khan contributes to Indian film industry daily wage workers.


While most Bollywood actors are rediscovering themselves during the lockdown by catching up on household chores, honing their dancing skills, posting videos of rigorous workout, and boasting about their culinary expertise or revealing their beauty secrets, giving invaluable make up  and diet tips on social media and exhibiting their love for their pets.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan reaches out to help to 25,000-odd daily wage workers of the Indian film industry, as the national lockdown has brought all filming activity to a grinding halt.

BN Tiwari, president of Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), said that after he approached Salman Khan, he asked me to give him a tally of the most affected workers from our organization, which amounts around 25,000 such artistes. Khan has decided to provide financial respite to them and asked for a complete list of daily wage workers with their account numbers, because he wishes to directly transfer funds to each worker’s account.

Tiwari also said that people are preparing only for 21-day lockdown but there are over 500,000 workers. If the lockdown extends for a month or two, then everyone from the film fraternity needs to reach out.