Eden Oak talks real estate, city-planning, and community development with the Lithuanian Real Estate Developers Association


The Lithuanian Real Estate Developers Association was established by both real estate investors and
developers. Eden Oak’s President Romas Kartavicius, an Ontario developer of Lithuanian origin, was
thrilled to join the discussion on how Canadian developers have a key role in contributing to a city’s
infrastructure. Romas Kartavicius shared insight on developing projects in the GTA, in relation to the
challenges he faced, the technologies he capitalized on, and the impact he has had on both local
communities and the city’s infrastructure.

Eden Oak is an Ontario builder who has constructed over 5,000 homes and more than 30 significant
developments across the GTA. Not only are they an exceptional builder with a dedication to building
homes for all types of communities, they are a firm believer on focusing on people, whether it is through
their exceptional customer service or developing the talents of their staff. This past
week, Eden Oak hosted the Lithuanian Real Estate Developers Association (LNTPA), a professional
organization that seeks to promote sustainable city development goals nationwide.
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