Salman Khan Kick 2 will not be release on Eid 2020


On 30 August at an press event director-producer Sajid Nadiadwala talked about the current status of Kick 2. He said: “I have just started writing it. It is not coming on Eid.”

Describing a meeting with Salman, Sajid said: “I had gone to his place and he asked me, how much are you ready (to start the film). I said I have written one draft (of the script) and need at least three to six months to re-write the draft. So, I will be ready by Eid with the script.”

Which means that Kick 2 cannot possibly release on Eid 2020 because by that time only the script of the film will be ready.

The rumor about Kick 2 release on Eid 2020 started after the news that the Salman and Alia Bhatt starrer Inshallah will not be released on Eid 2020.