Ayurvedic Inheritance to Artificial Intelligence, How Does It Impact Our Life- Shahnaz Husain, Chairperson & Managing Director of Shahnaz Husain Group


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting our daily life in so many ways, making day to day living easier for us.

Now You may ask, “Where does Artificial Intelligence figure in an ancient system like Ayurveda?” Today, with computer programming immense databases are being created. Ayurvedic data can be fed into computer programmes to help identify the “Dosha” or “Prakriti” and allow selection of herbal medicines or products accordingly.

The three “Doshas” (elements) determine individual constitution (Prakriti). AI helps us in relating ailments and categories of treatments to individual constitution. Similarly, beauty brands can adopt Artificial Intelligence and Ayurveda to create customized products. With the help of AI, the customer finds a skin profile that is totally personalized and unique, so much so that it may not fit another person.

Shahnaz Husain, pioneer of the organic Ayurvedic beauty movement, has received international acclaim for taking the Indian herbal heritage worldwide. She became a Harvard Case Study for Brand Creation and is now a Subject at Harvard for “Emerging Markets.”

She heads the Shahnaz Husain Group, with a global network of franchise ventures and over 375 Ayurvedic formulations. She was recently honoured with two prestigious Awards in the British Parliament for pioneering Ayurveda worldwide.

She also received the World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur Award for the first time in 107 years, from the U.S. based Success Magazine, as well as the Padma Shri Award, a high civilian award from the Government of India. Over the last four decades, the Shahnaz Husain brand has gone from strength to strength, while Shahnaz Husain is the global icon for Ayurvedic Beauty Care.

The customer can refer to the virtual card, fill in the details and search for a custom based beauty product online. If such detailed data is taken into account by product developers, it may be possible to make similar products, with or without a particular ingredient, which may be suited to one person, but not to another. In a world dominated by Artificial Intelligence, Ayurvedic Inheritance is India’s gift to the world.