Amazon recently opens up Alexa skills store


Amazon has recently opens up Alexa skills store that will now allow anyone create and publish Alexa skills into the store. There are currently more than 80,000 existing Alexa skills in the store, but after today’s announcement we could be sure that the store will be growing significantly with user generated custom skills.

Amazon is primarily aiming this new functionality at content creators, businesses, brands, and other organizations. Publications, local sports teams, YouTubers, and others will all be able to broadcast their latest updates by simply adding a recorded audio feed URL to a blueprint skill directly and then publishing it on the store.

Bloggers using WordPress with the Amazon AI plugin will also be able to automatically publish their blog posts as audio on Alexa through an RSS feed. There are a huge numbers of Skill Blueprints to choose from, although you’re limited to the sandbox Amazon is offering. Amazon will also review and then publish skills to its store, so your custom joke responses about your favorite football teams won’t be making their way through. Amazon is excluding custom responses from being published to the store.