Roku launches its premium subscriptions services today


Roku has launched it premium subscription service starting from today. Roku will  directly sell subscriptions for several premium video services, including Showtime, Starz, Epix, and others through its Roku Channel. Today, it’s kicking off that effort. Customers could pay their monthly subscription charges through their existing Roku account keeping everything on one bill and content from each provider will be accessible inside The Roku Channel.

According to Roku users will find it to be a more convenient subscription manager since there’s no recurring membership required. Each service offering a subscription will have a free 30-day trial.

The Premium subscriptions has been launched today in the US, according to the company: All supported devices are expected to receive the update in the coming weeks, beginning with Roku players and concluding with Roku TVs. Customers can check if their device can access Premium Subscriptions by launching The Roku Channel from their Roku device. If the device has received the update, a new row called “Premium Subscriptions” will be visible below the Featured row.

That update is now available for iOS starting today and is expected to arrive on Android in February. Also Roku’s ad-supported channel will continue to offer free movies and TV shows to users who sign up for a Roku account.