Rishi Kapoor finally talks about his Health and Treatment


Rishi Kapoor made an announcement in September that he was taking a break from work and going for the US for treatment for an unspecified disease. Which cause a lot of worry in his fans and followers and also in media. There were also many rumors regarding his health and treatment.

Recently brother Randhir Kapoor denied the rumours and said that Rishi was doing fine. Wife Neetu Singh and son Ranbir Kapoor have been by Rishi’s side for most of his time in New York, and many other Bollywood friends like Anupam Kher, Javed Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra have visited the actor as well.

And now finally Rishi Kapoor himself said and confirmed that while his treatment has been long and tedious he is recovering and plans to come back to India soon. He added that he is enjoying his break from work and doesn’t intend to rush back into films.

Rishi Kapoor said: “My treatment is on, hopefully I will recover soon and God willing I will return. The procedure is long and tedious and one needs immense patience which unfortunately is not one of my virtue… Thankfully, I am not thinking about films anymore, just want to be blank and refresh myself with a more relaxed mind. This break shall be therapeutic for me.”