Two people found dead in Scarborough Junction apartment


Two people has been recently found dead at an apartment building in the city’s Scarborough Junction on Tuesday afternoon.

Officers were called for a complaint about a person with a knife on the eighth floor of the apartment building at 544 Birchmount Road, south of St. Clair Avenue East.But what they found was a male deceased located at the exterior of the building.

Detective Rob Choe told reporters on Monday evening. During their investigation, they also also found a female deceased within one of the units in the building.

Detective Choe said “Both deceased have sustained some significant trauma here. How they sustained their injuries is something we’re trying to ascertain at this point.”

Choe said several witnesses discovered the bodies and police received multiple 911 calls. He also said that police is looking every point of the casw at the point.

“We’re in the preliminary stages of this investigation. It’s very early,” he added.

Choe said “It doesn’t look like we’re looking for anyone right now, however we’re still leaving all the avenues open.”

Both of the victims are still unidentified yet and Choe said he’s not yet sure if they lived at the building.