Meural introduces its third generation art display called the Meural Generation 3.0 Canvas


Meural has recently introduced its third-generation art display today, called the Meural Generation 3.0 Canvas. According to the reports it will be available in two different sizes, one will be the as usual 27-inch unit and other will be a smaller and cheaper 21.5-inch version.

The company hasn’t share any details regarding the pricing details about the smaller version, but it is expected that it will cost less that $595 which is the price of its the current 27-inch display. Both of the displays have a 1080p resolution. And the same usual features such as users can choose from a range of artwork to display on their wall. According to the reports the pricing and availability details will be announced by later this year.

The new Canvas also comes in four different colour frames. The four frame colors that are available are black, white, light wood, and dark wood. Each of the Canvas comes with 8GB storage and 2GB of RAM, an ambient light sensor, gesture controls, and, fittingly, an updated Wi-Fi chipset which the company said will be more stable with higher performance.

The company has also introduce some new features for corporate clients, too, such as a dust-protection cover, Power over Ethernet technology, and a plexiglass add-on. Vlad Vukicevic, Meural co-founder, said in a statement “I think commercial and business clients is one area that is definitely part of that.”