YouTube is streaming ad supported movies for free


YouTube is recently streaming a series of feature films that viewers can watch for free, supported by ads. Now the list isn’t too large, but there are some good movies to watch like The TerminatorLegally Blonde, and Rocky.

According to AdAge, the video platform began releasing the movies in October with a Free to watch category in its movie section, where users have traditionally purchased or rented movies. The films come with commercial interruptions, with pop-up ads that appear at regular intervals.

Rohit Dhawan, YouTube’s director of product management, told AdAge that the company saw an opportunity for consumers and advertisers, and notes that there might be a way for advertisers to sponsor films or hold exclusive screenings. At the moment, the selection is limited to 100 films, a selection that Dhawan says will eventually expand.

The feature has been announced just after the Roku announced that its free, ad-supported movie selection, The Roku Channel, would be available on the web, which also includes a number of older films, like The Matrix and 50 First DatesTechCrunch points out that Walmart has its own selection of free streaming films on Vudu, while service Tubi has its own large selection of free films.