Gurpreet Bains Envisions Brampton as the Next Innovation Hotspot


Brampton, Ontar io – Ms Gurpreet Kaur Bains, candidate for Regional Councillor in Wards 2 and 6 in Brampton, envisions Brampton as the next hot spot along the innovation corridor. The combination of Ryer son University opening a campus in Brampton, the city’ s creative and entrepreneurial workforce, and Brampton’ s position between Toronto and Waterloo gives Brampton the perfect set-up to create a thriving economy and attract new jobs.

“Ryer son chose to place its newest campus specializing in Cyber-security in Brampton’ s downtown core because they see the potential this city holds, and I see it too. ” said Bains.

Bains believes that creating new partnerships with innovation hubs, post-secondary institutions, and centres in the emerging sector s of robotics, cybersecurity, and biotechnology can transform Brampton from the city it is today into a booming metropolis.

“Cities like Toronto and Waterloo have been proactive in creating partnerships with post-secondary institutions and big technology companies like Google and Blackberry. The potential for these types of partnerships exists in Brampton if we foster it and capitalize on our young and educated population, ” stated Bains.

Bains looks forward to collaborating with local and global partners to establish Brampton as a model city.