City Councillor Candidate for Ward 4 in Mississauga

Mississauga: CARLO SILVESTRI is committed to the people of ward 4. Whether you live at the city centre, Mississauga Valleys or the surrounding neighbourhoods Carlo Silvestri is the councillor for you and will be your voice. Carlo supported Bonnie Crombie, his long time family friend during her campaigns putting up signs, worked on committees for her events. He intended to run for ward 4 city councillor after Frank Dale retired. Instead Frank Dale became the Region of Peel Chair soon after this election and the opportunity had been presented. Frank Dale wished Carlo well this past week at a community event.
Carlo Silvestri has lived and worked in Mississauga for over 20 years. He was born to Italian immigrant parents who arrived in Canada by boat with a suitcase and the clothes on their back. Carlo is married to Leslie Zurek and they belong to St. Peter and Paul’s Parish with their family. They have raised three daughters, Brittany, Kristen and Jacqueline who attended many lessons skating and swimming at the Mississauga Valley community centre.
Carlo Silvestri works in ward 4. He prides himself on his work and enjoys his day to day interactions with citizens. Carlo’s experience of delivering the mail door to door for Canada Post and working in people’s homes in his construction and home-inspection company have taught him the importance of the voices of the people. Small business owners, seniors, single parents, low income, high income, the input of the people is crucial.
Carlo Silvestri is an avid sportsman, coaches soccer in Mississauga and supports physical activity. Carlo has instilled in his family the importance of community service. He is an active supporter of the Polish community. He is a team leader for Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer instructor for Skills Canada, and he supports many charitable initiatives throughout the city. Carlo’s three daughters are coaches in sports in the city of Mississauga and all very involved in community service.
Supporting thriving communities of arts and culture is key to a strong ward and a strong city. Carlo Silvestri is a member of the Mississauga Arts Council. Carlo was a “dance dad” attending practices, classes. Carlo recognizes that the funding cuts in our school’s music and arts programs are harmful to our youth and the cultural expression of our future. He stresses the importance of growing, supporting and maintaining the programs for the arts.
Carlo Silvestri’s platform is to:
PUT RESIDENTS FIRST: I will have regular town hall meetings in alternating locations in the ward and invite the Mayor to join us. I will work with the community to help create a rate payers association.
BE FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: I will ensure that money is not wasted by encouraging better coordination of projects across the city to ensure that they are timed efficiently.  This saves money because it prevents the doubling up of work for example; newly paved roads that are dug up because of other infrastructure projects.
ENCOURAGE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT: As councillor I will have paid internships in my own office. Many youth simply cannot afford to volunteer and should be afforded proper work experience.
KEEP TAXES LOW- 31% of your property tax is allocated to the city. 46% to the Region and 23% for education. The inflation rate is 2% and the city was able to increase taxes 1.3%. That is .7% below the inflation rate. I will make sure that this money will be spent in ward 4 wisely and efficiently. I will advocate for a stay of the level of property taxes and seek alternative ways to generate funds. I will also encourage private and corporate investment not just in business but also in art, and cultural capital in ward 4.
ENGAGE SENIORS: I am always working to bring greater awareness to the issues  seniors face in Mississauga. I am creating a proposal for seniors to identify fraud from door to door salesmen and fraudulent phonecalls I will present to council. Advocating for  door to door mail delivery from Canada Post I will ensure that their voice is represented.
REDUCE TRAFFIC GRID LOCK: I will champion a pilot program to address congestion in the ward. It will be a long term solution involving a shuttle to link the hospital to the seniors homes, condominiums, shopping centres, neighborhoods and community centres in ward 4. It will be supported by the private sector who have an interest in the efficient transportation of residents in their own neighbourhood. I will also sync traffic street lights and put forward a motion to limit the use of city streets for commercial trucks during rush hours.
CARLO SILVESTRI is a STRONG LEADER and ADVOCATE in the community who needs YOUR VOTE on election day. He will be YOUR VOICE and REPRESENTATIVE at City hall. Carlo will represent all citizens living in every neighbourhood of ward 4 because he knows that EVERY VOICE DESERVES TO BE HEARD.