Young brides prefer platinum over gold, diamonds


New Delhi:  Over-the-top ‘rani haar’ and gawdy gold jewellery is passe for young brides. Designers say brides now like to keep their accessories simple yet stylish, and so, they go for platinum instead of diamonds or gold.

A trend report by Platinum Guild India (PGI) on jewellery retailers across India, indicates an increase in the number of customers opting for platinum jewellery as part of their bridal trousseau.

“Young brides see platinum as elegant, classy and wearable and a reflection of her personal style. One can choose from wide variety of platinum chains, pendants, tanmaiyas, neckpieces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings available in various shapes, sizes and designs,” said Vaishali Banerjee, country manager, PGI.

Banerjee says contemporary brides prefer wearable jewellery than locker jewellery.

“Brides who want to opt for something simple yet elegant within precious metals for their D-day are looking for platinum. Platinum rings, also known as platinum love bands, are the largest selling segment,” she added.

Wedding planner and style expert Colin Cowies said: “A bride should wear meaningful pieces of jewellery on her special day – jewellery that symbolises love, family, and commitment.

“Platinum jewellery encompasses all of the above because it will last forever, just like the couple’s enduring love for each other. Plus, the jewellery can become heirloom items to pass down for generations.”(IANS)

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