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Emirates Airline posts $452mn profit


Dubai, Nov 9 (IANS) The world’s biggest long-haul carrier, Emirates Airline, on Thursday said it has posted a profit of $452 million, an 111 per cent increase, in its first six months of fiscal 2017-18.

The Dubai government-controlled airline attributed the increase to the easing of the US dollar and “enhancement of efficiency”, reports Xinhua news agency.

About 29.2 million passengers were carried from April to September, a 4 per cent increase. Emirates is the top client of the Airbus A380 Superjumbo.

Massive military action if Pyongyang attacks: Mattis

J Mattis

Seoul, Oct 28 (IANS) Visiting US Secretary of Defence James Mattis warned on Saturday that North Korea will be defeated with a “massive military response” if it attacks his country or its allies.

He said he “can’t imagine” accepting North Korea as a nuclear power, reports Yonhap News Agency.

“Make no mistake, any attack on the United States or our allies, will be defeated,” he said at a joint press conference with his South Korean counterpart Song Young-moo after their talks here.

“Any use of nuclear weapons will be met with a massive military response.”

His remarks came after the conclusion of the 49th annual Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) between the US and South Korea, held at the Defence Ministry.

He pointed out the allies’ coordination has taken on new urgency as North Korea has accelerated its threats with “illegal” and “unnecessary” nuclear and missile programmes.

The North’s military is overmatched by the allies’ combined defence posture, he stressed.

“If it remains on its current path of ballistic missiles and atomic bombs, it will be counterproductive, in effect, reducing its own security,” the Pentagon chief said.

UAE official says Qatar crisis won’t end soon

Qatar Crisis

Dubai, July 14 (IANS) The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash on Friday said the Qatar crisis, which pits the Arab quartet and Qatar, would not end soon.

Gargash, who regularly comments on the Qatar crisis to his 437,000 followers on Twitter, said the Arab bloc, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain, and Qatar were “heading into the long estrangement”, Xinhua news agency reported.

Because the quartet was “a long way from political solution linked to Qatar to change its orientation”, he said it would mean that “we have to find a different pattern of relationship”.

Canada marks 150th anniversary with concerts, royals

Canada 150

Ottawa, July 2 (IANS) Braving incessant rain, thousands turned out across Canada to mark its 150th birthday with outdoor concerts, massive fireworks display and a royal visit by Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by Prince Charles, kicked off the celebrations in the capital on Sunday, speaking to large crowds on Parliament Hill, BBC reported.

“Canada is a country made strong not in spite of our differences but because of them,” Trudeau said in a speech. “We don’t aspire to be a melting pot. Indeed, we know true strength and resilience flows through Canadian diversity.”

‘I am President, they’re not’: Trump rips media at veterans rally

Donald Trump

Washington, July 2 (IANS) US President Trump has ripped into the “fake media” during a speech at an evening rally in the capital to honour American veterans.

“The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I’m President and they’re not. We won, and they lost,” Trump said during the Celebrate Freedom Rally at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

“The dishonest media will never keep us from accomplishing our objections on behalf of our great American people. It will never happen. Their agenda is not your agenda, you’ve been saying it,” he said.

Fire breaks out in Dubai building near Burj Khalifa  

APTOPIX Dubai Fire

Dubai, April 2 (IANS) A fire broke out on Sunday in a building near Dubai’s iconic skyscaper, the Burj Khalifa, officials said.

The Dubai Media Office identified the building as The Address Residence Fountain Views — a three 60-storey tower complex that was expected to be completed by April 2018, Gulf News reported.

The Dubai Civil Defence and Dubai Police said they rescued three workers who were trapped in the blaze that broke out around 5.30 a.m.

By 8.37 a.m., the Media Office confirmed that the fire was brought under control as teams of Dubai’s Civil Defence were in the midst of a cooling operation to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby areas.

Black smoke from the building could be seen from miles away, with Dubai residents posting up videos, photos and sending out tweets of the incident.

There were no reports of any casualties or injuries.

    Flynn fails to disclose payments from Russia-linked entities


Washington, April 2 (IANS) Former US National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has failed to list payments from Russia-linked entities on the first of two financial disclosure forms released by President Donald Trump’s administration, a media report said.

The first form, which he signed in February before he resigned, does not directly mention a paid speech he gave in Moscow, as well as other payments from companies linked to Russia, the New York Times said in the report citing the disclosure forms released on Saturday.

The second, an amended version, lists the names of the companies that made the payments under a section for any non-government compensation that exceeds $5,000 “in a year”.

That list appears to include all of the work that Flynn, a retired three-star Army general, has done since leaving the military in 2014, without providing compensation figures for any of it.

No reason was given for the discrepancy between the two forms.

The Russia-linked payments were detailed in a letter released in March by congressional investigators, and included a $45,000 speaking fee from RT news network, for a speech in 2015 in Moscow.

During the same trip, Flynn attended the network’s lavish anniversary dinner and was photographed sitting near Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the disclosure forms showed income of nearly $1.5 million, a sizable amount for a man who left the military less than three years ago, the New York Times reported.

Hillary Clinton to be subject of a film


Los Angeles, March 16 (IANS) A film showcasing the early years in the life of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in production.

The indie movie, titled “When I’m a Moth”, will feature actress Addison Timlin as young Clinton. The project will be co-written and co-directed by Magdalena Zyzak and Zachary Cotler, reports

The film will focus on the time when Clinton did odd jobs in Alaska in 1969, between her college graduation and the start of her law career.

Cotler said “When I’m a Moth” would not be a biopic. Rather, he said that the film would be about “how politics makes you not real”.

Talking on her behalf, Timlin said: “There are plenty of moments where we’re like, ‘This didn’t happen’. It’s less about that time in her life and (more) about… This young woman starting to have the understanding that her life from that point forward will be lived in a very specific way as to not disturb anyone-to become a very well-liked person.”